Intro: I was born in Eemnes, the Netherlands. I grew up in an artistic environment with my father who was a jazz musician and a visual artist. My mother is a mezzo-soprano classical singer. I started performing jazz singing professionally at the age of fourteen as part of my education. Working with many great musicians, stages, and audiences I have reached 30 years of stage experiences. 

As I grew up with art and philosophy, my father taught me life lessons what no university can teach. Teachings are experiences, insights, and life itself. As a teenager starting practicing small meditations techniques on my way to self-knowledge.

Refrain: I started my art education in Amsterdam jewelry designing and graduated cum laude in 1992 and got my master degree. My interest in graphic designing, drawing, composition, and photography. 

I think in my work more of visions about reality giving different perceptions making a more romantic classic style. Compositions using dark shadows sides you can see a smooth motion if you observe the image well.

Flowing shadow lines come together to form one cohesive design. The shadow can create a different view or movement. Meaning to say there are sometimes two or three components in one image.

Image description

My Father on the right side together with Toon Hermans - Photo: Robby Pauwels