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Growing up with Jazz music Xandra sings along with the records played at home among Carmen McRae and Billie Holiday. Her father, Hans van Rossem was a Jazz musician and visual artist. He accompanied artists such as Rita Reys and Toon Hermans. He recognizes his daughter's talent and introduces her into the Dutch Jazz scene. By working together with her father Xandra is already singing at the club circuit by the age of fourteen. In 1988 Xandra gets singing lessons at the Dutch Hilversum Conservatory and studies also with her mom, who is a classical singer.

Dutch reviewer Jan Rensen wrote: "From the first moment I heard Xandra singing it became clear that the Jazz blood runs through her veins, as a result of a live performance. 'She has so much grip on the idiom that is obvious'. Therefore she stands above the songs that she sings; she has the leadership and the songs become almost subordinate. With that skill, each repertoire becomes more personal." 
Still, a teenager and works with great musicians, Wim Overgaauw, and upcoming talents such as Yuri Honing and Tony Overwater. In 1997 she founded her own group Xandra’s Jazzset and releases her first CD Easy Listening. As a result of a live music performance at the broadcast radio program Jazz Actua, a second cd Live follows. In 2003 she promoted her third CD 'Feeling Free' with own written lyrics together with her trio. Xandra was on various radio broadcasting, Radio Noordzee-Utrecht, interview, Conny Vandenbos, Wereldomroep RNW-Media, interview Hans Mantel and live at Jazz Actua. 

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Xandra worked with the most various formations and artists: Mike del Ferro, Harry Verbeke, Eddy Conard, Carlo de Wijs, Saskia Laroo, Hans Mantel, Clous van Mechelen, Ellen Helmus, Martien Oster, Trio Johan Clement, Frank McComb, Dolf de Vries and The Laundry Bigband. 

Xandra has reached 30 years of stage experience, she is an excellent performer and artist. With a fantastic timing and warm timbre Xandra knows how to involve and interact with her public on the spontaneous manner by her musical interpretations.